Customizable platform

Problem-solving modularization · Platform editor · Portfolio of games

Problem-solving modularization

Wrainbo’s game is built on a customizable platform that involves four problem-solving elements: Focus, Tools, Data, and Avatar. Using those four elements, learning could be effectively taught via gameplay that involves using various tools and information to solve problems.

  • focus

    This could be customer profile for sales training, employees for leadership practice, and vendors for procurement game.

  • tool

    A large variety of tools at player’s disposal to solve the business problems, ranging from production, marketing promotion, to a variety of leadership practices such as feedback meeting.

  • data

    We live in a big data era and one of Wrainbo’s most unique features is the dynamic information panel that showcases relevant data analysis based on the decision context, such as ROI analysis for marketing promotion.

  • Avatar

    Personal avatars provide players an unique identity and could be leveled up to showcase progress and performance.

Platform editor

Using Wrainbo’s platform editor, organizations could customize a wide variety of design elements to better tailor the learning experience to its audience. Examples of items that could be easily edited include art theme, level difficulty, new tool configuration, etc.

Portfolio of games

Leveraging our versatile platform, Wrainbo is partnering with leading universities and corporate education providers to provide a portfolio of games that range from business acumen, leadership, to healthcare.

  • dentist-main
  • magitech-main
  • businss venture-main