An intelligent platform for
game-based learning


Why Wrainbo?

Wrainbo is a customizable platform that marries immersive mobile game design with practical learning. It also incorporates big data assessment based on gameplay data to provide personalized coaching.

Immersive Gameplay

Wrainbo is partnering with leading professors and corporate trainers to embed practical knowledge into our games. Through hands-on simulation and dynamic library content, players would naturally learn and retain the relevant concepts and skills.


Practical Learning

Wrainbo helps organization better engage their learners through immersive mobile gameplay. Players can play the game anytime and anywhere via bite-sized single player levels and live multiplayer sessions.


Data-driven assessment

Wrainbo transforms gameplay data into performance management insights. Using our cloud-based analytics, organizations could track training progress, provide personalized coaching, and better allocate training spend to drive ROI.


Customizable platform

Wrainbo's platform is dynamically programmed to enable fast and cost-effective development of varied learning paradigms, from leadership, sales skill training, to learning beyond business domain such as medical diagnostics.


What are people saying about Wrainbo?

70+ corporate customers and -85% of alpha users have signed up for beata testing!!

Featured Quotes

“This is my biggest learning at the conference- a mobile game that could help my team learn business analytics!!!”

──HR Executive

“This is what the millennial generation needs- an engaging way to level up their business acumen skills”

──Corporate Learning Exec

“I was impressed with Magitech…the game appears fully equipped to deliver on its premises to educate players on core business concepts.”

──Video game media