Create next-gen m-learning, powered by games and AI

Platform to create integrated learning apps with immersive simulations, micro-learning modules, and AI-enabled assessment

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Wrainbo’s cloud-based platform helps you develop integrated mobile learning apps - coding free.

Drive Learner Engagement

Experiential games that immerse learners in a deliberately designed context

Provide Learning Flexibility

Bite-sized m-learning modules for learning to take place anytime, anywhere

Give Personalized Feedback

AI-enabled assessment for learner’s behaviors and performance

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Featured apps created on Wrainbo’s platform

  • mainUI

    Agenda Mover: Political Competence app

    Agenda Mover teaches how to get buy-ins from organization stakeholders to turn ideas into execution.

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  • spell-system

    Business Battle: Business Acumen app

    Business Battle teaches the fundamentals of economics and business analytics in a fantasy world.

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  • library

    Business Venture: Entrepreneurship app

    In Business Venture, learners operate a clothing shop and face critical business decisions- from production, marketing, to financing.

Did you know...game-based learning could increase engagement by up to 3X?

Did you know...learning analytics is growing at 25% CAGR per year?


  • “We’re keenly interested in adopting technological solutions that improve the educational process for the 21st century learner. Where this product excels in comparison with other gaming systems is the well-designed assessment tools.”

    Steven W. Friedrichsen, DDS
    Dean, Western University of Health Sciences, College of Dental Medicine
  • “Wrainbo’s platform is fantastic. I want to develop a whole series of leadership behavioral skills on this platform.”

    Samuel B. Bacharach
    Co-founder, Bacharach Leadership Group