Develop and measure business acumen
by playing mobile game


What is Magitech?


Magitech is our first product that exemplifies Wrainbo’s vision of combining gameplay and data analytics to provide practical job skill training. Magitech is a fantasy mobile game that helps build business acumen. Players will hone core business concepts of Marketing, Operations, and Finance by producing, trading, and casting business management spells.

Why Magitech?

Magitech provides practical learning via engaging gameplay, data-driven assessment, and cost-effective solutions for companies of all sizes.

Learning by playing

Wrainbo’s Magitech is pioneering an innovative way to help organization build business acumen through immersive mobile gameplay. By engaging in bite-sized levels, players can play the game anytime and anywhere to develop cross-functional management skills and practice using data to make strategic decisions.


Data-driven assessment

Wrainbo’s Magitech captures multiple layers of gameplay data and turn them into insights on a learner’s core strengths and weaknesses. Using the analytics dashboard, organizations could better understand the talent profiles and use those valuable data to make better training investment.


Cost-effective solutions

Magitech comes at a fraction of the price for a standard training session or simulation. Not only is Magitech more engaging, but it also provides personalized analytics. In addition to budget control, players could play the game anytime and anywhere, saving travel time and making it more flexible to suit modern lifestyle.


What are people saying about Magitech?

70+ corporate customers and -85% of alpha users have signed up for beata testing!!

Featured Quotes

“This is my biggest learning at the conference- a mobile game that could help my team learn business analytics!!!”

──HR Executive

“This is what the millennial generation needs- an engaging way to level up their business acumen skills”

──Corporate Learning Exec

“I was impressed with Magitech…the game appears fully equipped to deliver on its premises to educate players on core business concepts.”

──Video game media

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